Jan. 22nd, 2012

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This is not the first of Crichton's books I have picked up for a second time. I really liked it on first reading for its fast-paced story-telling and, other than, for instance, the Da Vinci Code, for the story itself. That is what Crichton does (or rather did) so well: write gripping and highly entertaining stories that are not stupid. They may not be the most distinguished and sophisticated art, but page-turners that I don't feel bad about afterwards.

Anyone who, like myself, is not into quantum physics will not really notice the boundary between fact and fiction when that drivel about quantum effects and time travel comes up. This makes the willing suspension of disbelief easy, and it doesn't get into the way of the story. Well, at least for me it works, as the story is good in distracting the reader from the technical things. Have you ever faced a really dangerous and angry knight in a joust who will probably try to kill you as soon as he sees a chance? I thought you haven't.
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When I was in London Easter 2009, I saw an ad for this book in the Underground and took a picture to remember it, because I liked the title. A few weeks ago I noticed the picture again and, as it was just the time for some mindless entertainment, bought the book on the Orinoco Market (or the like) for € 0.01 (yes, really!) plus € 3 for shipping. That should be worth it, I thought. And it was! This is a nice, light comedy, reminding me a bit of Bridget Jones, but maybe even funnier. The (SPOILER!) happy ending with the twist is not a real surprise any more when it finally happens, but (oh the irony!) that was to be expected.


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