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Not too long ago my wife and I dared to make pizza for the first time. We had a recipe for the crust from some book which worked fine, only all the fine-sliced fresh tomatos gave off so much liquid that the base was drenched and came out wet and unattractive. Giving it a good 15 minutes in the oven and then adding a protective layer of olive oil before putting on the tomatos and stuff helped a bit, but not too much.

So we made tarte flambée in a more or less alsatian style, with sour cream (crème fraîche, actually), onions, and bacon. That was very good! Later we added a hint of grated cheese (Parmigiano or Gruyère, for instance), not as much as with pizza, only a bit to make the taste a bit thicker.

Now my mother suggested goat's cream cheese with cherry tomatos, only cut in half, so they do not give off so much liquid. Should be very nice, too.
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In the Byron restaurant in London I liked the "Iceberg Wedge" a lot, a 90° wedge from a head of iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing, crisp bacon, and croutons.

I liked particularly the blue cheese cressing. A few days ago I tried to make something like that myself, and had immediate success:

I took 100 g blue cheese (Saint Agur in this case, which is not as strong in taste as a Roquefort and softer, but Roquefort would have worked as well) and mixed it with 300 g light sour cream (10 % fat).

That was quite good already. I had no bacon, but I happened to have a rest of fatback around. I cut ca. 40 g of it into fine cubes, fried them, and added the remaining solid pieces to the dressing. And that was good!
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For a while I have been making a very simple cream-cheese sauce (or whatever it is called in English – I am not familiar with english cooking terms):

Boil 0.2 l cream in a pan, grate cheese into it (~ 100 g or a bit less), let it boil, stirring all the time, until it gets thick and a bit, well, not brown, not even light brown, but a bit into that direction. Add freshly ground pepper. The cheese can be Gruyere, Parmigiano-Reggiano, or Pecorino – something in that direction. Great with noodles. Measures per person.

Today I tried to grate a bit of lemon peel into it, and that turned out to be a very good addition. Yum!


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