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Last weekend I visited my father in the hospital, where he recovers after another, and more serious than ever before, cardiovascular surgery. It has definitely begun that I cannot take his existence for granted any more. He was in a brilliant mood and good form ‚Äď talking, laughing, walking us to the cafeteria, discussing things. Had I not known of the surgery, I might not have suspected it. But that was the first day he was so well, my mother said.

This is from my parents' golden wedding anniversary last fall, where I had the honor that they chose one of my pictures as the "official" one.

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A few weeks ago my mother finally did the long-planned journey to show her sons (and their respective wives) the place in Gdansk where she lived as a child in WW II, as well as the traces of german cultural history in Gdansk and in the area. My father, recovering from (fully successful) surgery, was still too weak to come, and the date could not be shifted any more.

my wife, sister-in-law, brother, and mother in the cafť "Goldwasser" in Gdansk

my wife, sister-in-law, brother, and mother in the café "Goldwasser" in Gdansk

Besides the historic inner city of Gdansk, or rather what had been rebuilt after the war, we visited the Vistula Spit and the immensely impressive Marienburg castle. See the pictures at smugmug, if you like. (Captions only in German, though.)
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Since I was 13, I have had a camera and have liked to photograph. My ambition is limited, and my pictures are rarely great, but I quite like a few of them. They do not usually reach beyond the souvenir picture category, but that is fine with me. I cherish reliving past experiences with the help of pictures.

In the recent past I have noticed that there are moments where I do not want to take photos. These are the ones I want to experience fully in the present, without lessening it by even the tiniest amount, without putting something aside for later use.

These may be picturesque moments in the literal sense of the word, like in the last few days walking through an open-air museum of gorgeous old buildings from all corners of Schleswig-Holstein, or a visit in my favourite restaurant (the fabulous Nil in Hamburg), which has not only a beautiful interior, but also food looking as great as it tastes.

But in these moments, I want to see, not photograph; not record, but live.
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A book about creative black-and-white photography I got at my birthday. Very interesting, with about equal space dedicated to composition, lighting, and darkroom techniques, with lots of examples and very detailed explanations. I should probably read this every few months to improve my photo skills.


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