Aug. 25th, 2011

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Years ago (yes, I looked it up) I asked my domain registrar Schlund Technologies to make it possible to register glue records with IPv6 addresses for the name servers. They can do it by hand, but experience has shown that this is an error-prone process. In between they have built a whole new web interface with gratuitous JavaScript overload, and you still cannot do it.

[Update: Apparently I have been wrong here and this is actually possible in between. Sorry, I didn't want to give anyone a bad name.]

A while ago I created an account with Domain Discount 24, where this is actually possible. The impending end of my current ISP contract made some changes necessary, so I transferred my main infrastructure domain there. Before that, I changed the domain's name servers to some outside of that domain (ns{1,2} -- only the names, though, same servers actually), to avoid glue record confusion. This may have been unnecessary.

This was the first registrar-to-registrar domain transfer I made, and I must say I am impressed. The whole process, once I found out that I had to put not only the domain name, but separated by a space also the authinfo into that box, took well under an hour, with no perceptible service outage. I had canceled the domain with pre-ack at Schlund earlier, though.

Changing the name servers back to ns{1,2} (to make lookups a bit faster) was nearly instantly done and visible at the name servers, and the correction of a typo I made (apparently the .org registry checks less strict than .de, or is it Schlund?), showed up inside of one or two minutes at the .org name servers. Obviously they do not do it with a zone file reload every hour.

Maybe I will transfer my domains all to Domain Discount 24. Or should I not put all my eggs in one basket, perhaps?


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