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As mentioned before, IOS is a pain in the neck if you don't use it on a day-to-day basis, hence the wish to replace the Cisco 1712 — there are too many things I would like to do in the configuration, but I hesitate out of fear of messing it up completely.

Beginning of the year I got an SRX100, the smallest of Juniper's "Services Gateways", meaning an access router with Firewall. Shiny! Apart from a serial console port, it simply has 8 Fast Ethernet ports, which can be configured freely, including as one or more switching groups with port-based or tagged VLANs. The default configuration even makes some sense with one port as a WAN link acting as DHCP client for configuration and a switch of the other seven with a DHCP server giving out RFC 1918 addresses, NAT, and some appropriate firewalling.

But that doesn't help me much for my setup, and as this is a whole new world of configuration logic, I haven't got further im my Copious Free Time™ than the online training "Junos as a Second Language". This one is really not bad, but far from covering my special case, of course. So the shiny new box just sits around waiting to be properly configured. :–(
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