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Three days ago I wrote about mail from my system being rejected due to missing reverse DNS entries and complained about rh-tec's customer service interface for creating these entries. I was just a few keypresses ago from sending them another gripe about that thing again, when I had the idea of giving it another try.

This web interface lists the network you get from them (2001:1a50:5097::/48 in my case), and then you can enter "the desired RDNS entry" (my translation of the german text) in a single text field. WTF? I have still not understood how this is supposed to work, but this time I entered the name of the domain everything in there is under, and where my authoritative name servers are in and responsible for, w21.org.

Now (after some time in which they supposedly checked the entry manually) it worked. And not even how I expected it, that perhaps everything in the network is resolved to w21.org, but everything I have in my DNS servers as PTR records is suddenly there! Find me dumbstruck. Especially as I don't know how it actually works - when I look up the NS records for, I find all my name servers in there, but I am not able to follow the delegation chain from ip6.arpa upward. Is this really weird, or am I missing something?

Others have in between pointed out that the delegation chain can indeed be followed, but (a) one of their two authoritative name servers does not know about it and (b) both are not reachable via IPv6. Bugger. [jni 2010-03-31]

Anyway, no more gripe about rh-tec, and kudos to them for making this work so simple I still cannot figure out how. Might as well stay with them until the traffic exceeds the 3 GB volume included in the price of € 0. (Yes, that's a zero.)

And, to get back to the original issue, my mail should no longer be rejected now due to missing PTR records. Only I don't know if anybody has tried to send one to IPv6-listed MXs yet.
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