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When the power supply for the 1712 arrived, I could begin to play with the 1712. After I while I had a configuration which I have now in production use, replacing the WRT54G running OpenWRT.

The configuration is not really finished yet; I still have to put some more effort into security measures, and at the moment it runs only IPv6 on the outside. (The idea is to have one router doing v4 and v6 over one PPPoE session to one ISP; at the moment I have these with different ISPs, meaning different PPPoE sessions, meaning different MAC addresses needed.) But in terms of stability I trust this solution much more that the OpenWRT one.

That is not to say OpenWRT is bad. As a reliable and accessible product (which it is not meant to be, as far as I understand) it could sure do with some polishing and documentation. But in terms of functionality it is great, and as a playground for enthusiasts it is fantastic.

Most importantly, it was there when I needed it, and it ran on a scrap router I had lying around. So it became my first IPv6 internet access solution, and that was good.

Working with the 1712 showed that it is from an older generation than the 861 - the show run command takes as painfully long to convert the configuration to text as it has always been, for reasons I never have learned, while the 861 has just a very small pause at that point. But fortunately this does not show in slower throughput. I hope this still holds after I have upgraded the DSL line from 6 to 16 Mbps.

[Upgrade: I could pass the WRT54G on to a colleague for a bottle of wine. Would have been a good deal if only the wine had been a bit better.]
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