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"Kleine Sünden bestraft der liebe Gott sofort" (the Lord punishes you for little sins immediately) is a half ironic saying in German. Well, He did in this case. Only five days after calling the IPv6 capabilities of Apple's Airport Extreme "pointless" (see the previous article), my WLAN access point died. After I had tried to switch the speed from "best" to "54 Mbps", it was more or less bricked. No WLAN any more, no reaction at all on the wired interface, not even after an attempted factory reset.

So I had to get a new access point. I was still curious to get my own hands on an Airport Extreme, so I bought one -- not the cheapest choice to fulfill the need of a simple access point, but what the heck.

First I was a bit miffed, because the GUI tool (I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I cannot let you have a web interface) did not want to run on my Powerbook -- OS X 10.4.11 was too old. I had never seen the point to upgrade to 10.5. But to my surprise there was also a version for Windows, which was even less picky about the platform and did not refuse to run with XP.

And lo! There was more to the GUI than I had seen before, namely not only "Node" and "Tunnel" as the IPv6 operation modes, but "Host", "Tunnel", and "Router", which sounds already much better. In the "Tunnel" and "Router" modes, I have an "IPv6 Firewall" tab:

IPv6 Firewall GUI

The form to edit the exceptions looks like this:

IPv6 Firewall exceptions

So, now I have to apologize: The current Airport Extreme does indeed have some degree of usability regarding IPv6, which would be enough for simple home networks except for the missing IPv6 over PPPoE. I haven't tried it yet (as it works only as a simple bridging WLAN access point in my current setup), but that looks much better than I thought only days ago.

(These pictures are not made with Windows, of course. In between I have the new shiny-shiny, which runs OS X 11.6.4, good enough even for the Airport Extreme admin GUI.)


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