Apr. 1st, 2015

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The IPv6 tunnel via HE worked fine, but I was not really pleased with the roundtrip times to their access point. So, when I got a new server hosted by my former employer last year, one that comes with a /56 IPv6 space, this gave me another tunneling opportunity.

In between I had trashed the Mikrotik router described in an earlier article after it had bricked itself when I tried to reset the configuration just like it was documented. Last straw and all that. The new one is an EdgeRouter PoE from Ubuiqiti, with which I am mostly happy. It has its weak points, too, but it is openly based on Debian and Vyatta, meaning you don't even have to break out of the configuration CLI to access any Unix commands. (The web GUI is nice and shiny, but very limited in its capabilities.) The CLI is modeled after JunOS, which made me feel at home fast.

Vyatta offers OpenVPN out of the box, so it was easy to set up a tunnel configuration to an OpenVPN instance on my server. This way I have a /60 tunneled to my home, which should be plenty. And other than with HE, the roundtrip times are in the single digits of milliseconds.


jyrgenn: Blurred head shot from 2007 (Default)

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