Jul. 17th, 2011

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The house we had near Gdansk had a small selection of books, most in English. Realizing after a few days that my own choice of books that I had brought with me was not really fit for the occasion, I took one of those. I didn't get through it during that week, but I could buy it used later over Amazon for € 0.01 plus € 3.00 for shipping. (Why do they do that? There cannot be much profit in that, can it?)

In early 2002 Janie, in her later 30s, decides to separate from her husband, for whom she has lost the respect, although not the love. When she wakes up the next day, she realizes she is back at her parents' home and 16 years old, but still with the knowledge and consciousness of her previous existence. After the initial confusion she settles into her new old role of 1981 and prepares for making everything better. That includes making some money from the knowledge she has (by buying shares of IBM and Tesco), but also saving Lady Di and Prince Charles from their ill-fated marriage, making more mature decisions regarding the people in her life, and above all preparing for the day when she meets her to-be husband, with the aim to make their relationship better as well as him a better man.

As the reader has suspected long before, this does not work out. Instead, her life takes a quite different course. All the while she wonders what the exact purpose was of sending her into the past -- there must be one, as there are some mysterious people involved in her fate, but instead of putting her in the know, they just tell her to wait for later instructions all the time.

I found the book a bit disappointing at the end. A big surprise was not totally unexpected as such at that point, but it did much less to wrap up the whole story than I had hoped for. Anyway, that was some nice light reading, solidly entertaining and quite funny in parts, although not much more.


jyrgenn: Blurred head shot from 2007 (Default)

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