Apr. 25th, 2010

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Not quite happy with Titan-DSL's pricing models (older "Business" flat rate not cheap and with one-year cancellation period, newer 25 GB tariff equally expensive, not a flat rate, and still three months cancellation period) and rh-tec (with their promotional 3 GB/mon. IPv6 offering for € 0) not offering IPv4 connectivity suited for pricate customers, I became customer of KGT New Media. Like Titan a smaller player in the business.

KGT offers an IPv4 flat rate for € 11.90, and the same for IPv6. Meaning I pay € 23.80 for both. This is a bit weird, but still an epsilon cheaper than Titan's 25 GB tariff, has a one-month cancellation period, and they are more flexible - I could choose if I wanted to do v4 and v6 in separate PPPoE sessions or in one. (I chose one so I could do it with the same router; to my knowledge for separate sessions you need separate MAC addresses.) That is more flexibility than with Titan, who insisted (only after a while, weirdly) I do both in one session, so I could not do it with two different routers, as I needed then.

Nearly everything seems to work well with KGT. Reverse lookup of the one fixed IPv4 address was set up well inside of two hours after my request; for the delegation of the reverse zone for IPv6 their support person said he'd have to check a few things first. Unfortunately that was on Friday morning, and apparently he didn't get around to setting it up before the weekend. I am not totally happy with that, but as long as we get that sorted out next week, it's still okay with me.

That it took a day to propagate w21.org's new IPv4 address to the world was no one's but my own fault - I was just too stupid to lower the default TTL to 3600 s as I intended (changed the refresh time in the SOA instead; ouch!).

Addendum: Forgot to mention that IPv6 reverse delegation has been working fine for ages now.


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