Aug. 1st, 2009

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One of Paretsky's V. I. Warshawski detective novels. I read most or even all of them some 10 years ago and liked them a lot. Now for some reason I got the idea of reading one again, and still liked it.
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Today is my father's 72nd birthday, and I called him in the morning. I know he isn't the healthiest man in the world any more, mostly due to cardiovascular problems (which are treated well, though). Just like the first, his second cataract surgery went extremely well a few weeks ago. He will need a new hearing aid, as the old one didn't cope well with the machine washing. Fortunately it was old and probably due for replacement soon anyway. I hope his health problems will all stay as treatable as they are – up to now there is nothing to be too afraid of.

He and my mother are having old friends for a visit for some days. Right now they are probably sitting on the porch in front of their camper together with my brother and his family including his in-laws and his granddaughter. I'd have come if they had a real celebration, but the 300 km are a bit too much for just dropping by.

The picture is from the celebration of his 70th.


jyrgenn: Blurred head shot from 2007 (Default)

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